Young Life is a relational ministry. Establishing and deepening friendships is at the core of our ministry. Next to the relationships of Young Life staff and volunteers to adolescents, to God and among one another, this also includes relationships to friends and supporters of Young Life. I also wish for and need to have these relationships to make my vision come true: To equip our staff and volunteers with all necessary resources and support so that they can do the best job possible in reaching out and building friendships with adolescents.  There are three concrete ways to support me: Through prayer, through financial support and through opportunities for me to introduce the ministry of Young Life.

Prayer: Young Life was started through the prayer of people that had a heart for adolescents. The relationships of Young Life staff and volunteers to God is the basis to reach out and build friendships with teenagers. Prayer for these relationships, for more staff and volunteers, for finances and for the leadership of this ministry are fundamental for the health of the mission. Would you be willing to support my work and the ministry of Young Life on a regular basis through prayer?

Financial support: The ministry of Young Life and thus also the salaries are financed through donations. I also need to raise support for my salary. Would you prayerfully consider if and how you possibly could support me financially?

Introducing the work of Young Life: Maybe you know people and churches outside of my personal environment that share the vision of reaching adolescents through friendships on the basis of the Christian faith. I would love to meet those people and/or churches to introduce to them my work with Young Life and to invite them to stay in touch with me and possibly support me through prayer and/or financially.

Would you like to support me in one or more of the aforementioned areas or learn more about them? If so, please get in touch with me! More information about the ways of financially supporting me is available here.