Build partnerships

It is my desire to build strong partnerships with people who have a heart for Young Life’s ministry among adolescents and who will help support my work through prayer and financial support.

Develop Structures, Equip staff 

My job is to develop effective and efficient organizational structures and processes for each country in our DACH region. These organizational aspects are designed to support the Young Life staff in our region who are working directly with adolescents. I want to equip them with all organizational resources they need to do their job of reaching adolescents. My areas of responsibility include Human Resource management, Financial Management, legal issues and different aspect of communications and IT.

Reach adolescents

Approximately 15 million adolescents live in the four countries of the DACH region. Our goal is that more and more staff and volunteers can build meaningful friendships with more and more adolescents. I am deeply convinced that effective and efficient organizational structures and strong support for our field staff are essential foundations for such a continuous growth.

Would you consider partnering with me so your prayers or financial support so that together we can reach kids for Jesus?